Hogao la base del sabor colombiano

Receta salsa Hogao, la base del sabor colombianoEl hogao es una salsa salada hecha a base de tomate y cebolla, cuyo origen está vinculado a la cocina africana, y es la base del sabor colombiano. Se emplea para aderezar diferentes platos, sus ingredientes fundamentales son cebolla, tomate y sal.

Chorreadas Potatoes Simply delicious!

Chorreadas potatoes or “chorriadas” potatoes, are a typical dish originating from central Colombia, mainly from the departments of Cundinamarca and Boyacá and that can be prepared in various ways and with different ingredients but just as delicious and fast, we propose you this simple recipe ...

Ajiaco! Ajiaco! Ajiaco for the cold and for everything is the best!

The Indian Dictionary of Greater Tolima registers the meaning: Ajiaco, a variety of sancocho with chili seasoning. He maintains that its etymology is based on the Taíno word "axí".The typical Bogota Ajiaco is a delicious chicken soup that contains three types of potatoes that give it creaminess; Creole, pastusa and sabanera, also usually includes ears of young corn. it can be served alone or with heavy cream and pickled capers, preferably in earthenware bowls. 

Appetizing and smooth Sobrebarriga bathed in Creole sauce

The meat is prepared accompanied by ingredients such as garlic, tomato, salt and other seasonings, along with potatoes, as well as cassava or rice and avocado as accompaniments.
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